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Geberit Mapress Copper Fittings

Geberit Mapress Copper Fittings ideal for installations where hot works with gas are not suitable for pipework.
These fittings can be easily fitted with the use of a Press machine with sizes ranging from 12mm to 108mm.
Geberit Mapress Copper Fitting’s have transitioned over the years from more Commercial applications to the domestic market for household applications such as bathrooms, kitchens, and heating systems.
Fittings are compatible with hot and cold potable water systems and district heating with a max temperature of 120 degrees C.
All Fittings are protected with a cover to minimise contamination and damage.

Advantages of using Geberit Mapress Copper Fittings.

• No need to use a hot works system for connecting pipe work.
• Ideal for high pressure systems
• Can be used for Gas and Water Systems
• Compatible with Compressed Air Systems
• Quicker than using Solder Ring or End Feed Systems
• Higher reliability rate
• Improved installation time when compared to Compression Fittings
• No risk of Carbon or Flux Contamination
• Reduction in training time to use Press-Fit System
• Pipe work accuracy increases
• Minimal Leaks
• Fast and Accurate Joints
• Margin for error reduced
• Improper Connections can be easily Identified
• Preparation of pipe work is reduced
• Improved repair time to leaking pipe work, can be used on wet or moist pipe work.
• Can be used on HVAC Systems

Range of Fitting Types

• Tees
• Couplings
• Bends
• Male and Female Connectors
• Adaptors
• Crossovers

Fitting Dimension’s and Size’s

12mm,15mm,18mm,22mm,28mm,35mm,42mm,54mm,66.7mm,76.1mm,88.9mm and 108mm