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At Plumb Parts in Glasgow we stock a large supply of  End feed Fittings and jointing solutions that meet the changing needs of people who enjoy DIY, specifiers and installers alike.

End Feed Fittings comprises a number of product ranges which suit a broad spectrum of applications across the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

The fittings’ compact dimensions make them the ideal choice for use in areas where there is limited space. Additionally, their smooth lines minimise flow restrictions and are unobtrusive on exposed pipelines.

These are manufactured from copper, gunmetal or other dezincification resistant alloy (DZR).

End Feed Fittings are a simple and cost-effective method of jointing copper tubes to BS EN 1057. Light and neat, they make handling and installation easy.


Suitable for use on above ground hot and cold domestic/potable water services in small bore and mini bore central heating systems and in low-pressure steam heating and pressurised unvented heating systems Also suitable for sanitation services and compressed air lines, gas distribution systems for natural and manufactured gases, with fuel oils (hard solder only) and Kerosene, and on engineering pipeline services that convey liquids, oils, air and gases at temperatures up to 110°

These types of fittings are designed for jointing copper tube manufactured to BS EN 1057 using soft or hard solder or a suitable brazing alloy.

With End Feed Fittings the joint is created through the process of capillary action. When the fitting and tube are assembled and heated to the correct temperature, solder applied to the mouth of the fitting becomes molten. Capillary attraction ensures the solder is drawn into the gap between tube and fitting, forming a sturdy and reliable joint.

For fuel oils always consult OFTEC for advice if you are using End feed Fittings.

At Plumb Parts our range of End Feed Fittings includes:

Straight Couplers , Imperial to Metric Couplers , Slip Couplers , Reducing Couplers , Male Couplers , Female Couplers , Elbows 90 deg , Obtuse Elbows 45 deg , Street Elbows , Obtuse Street Elbows 45 deg , Wall plate Elbows , Long Radius Elbows , Long Radius Street Elbows , Long Shank Street Elbows Angled Wall plate Adaptors ,Stop Ends , Fitting Reducers , Long Fitting Reducers , Full Crossovers , Partial Crossovers , Straight Tap Connectors , Bent Tap Connectors , Air Vents , Tees , Reduced Branch Tee , Both Ends Reduced Tee , Reduced End Tee , Reduced End and Branch Tee ,  Straight Cylinder Union , Bent Cylinder Union

Available as single units or individually bagged.

All our End feed Fittings are WRAS approved