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Compression Fittings

At Plumb Parts our range of compression fittings are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.

These tried and tested compression fittings remain the preferred jointed technique for many domestic installers due to their exceptionally high quality.

Compression fittings are especially advantageous in retrofit plumbing schemes, where the use of heat must be avoided. They are available in 8mm – 54mm and are suitable for connecting tubes in accordance with EN 1057 and many other standards.

Compression fittings are available in duplex brass and/or dezincification resistant (DZR) brass or as dezincification immune gunmetal. Fittings are also available nickel-plated or chrome-plated in accordance with EN 248.

Fittings are also compatible with connecting low carbon steel, stainless steel and many types of plastic pipe including crossed linked polyethylene (PE-X) and polybutylene (PB) with size compatible outside diameters.

Fittings are manufactured from high-quality brass materials which ensure a permanently tight and secure connection, without the use of special tooling or additional sealant. These fittings are suitable for connecting a wide range of tubes, including copper tubes in accordance with EN 1057, carbon steel to EN 10305, stainless steel to EN 10312 and plastic pipes to BS 7291, EN 15875 and EN 15876.

Compression fittings are tested and approved, for use with drinking water up to 108mm and for gas applications up to 28mm. Tested and certified by independent European certification bodies such as WRAS- Water Regulations Advisory Scheme confirming its suitability and reliability for

Compression Fittings are an easy to use heat-free system, and excellent for repairs, and in applications where ongoing maintenance is envisaged

The mechanical nature of Compression joints is well-proven technology that is extremely robust and resilient.

At Plumb Parts our range of Compression Fittings includes:

Straight Couplers , Reducing Couplers , Male Couplers , Female Couplers , Elbows 90 deg ,  Wallplate Elbows , Long Radius Elbows , Angled Wallplate Adaptors ,Stop Ends, Straight Tap Connectors , Bent Tap Connectors , Tees , Reduced Branch Tee , Both Ends Reduced Tee , Reduced End Tee , Reduced End and Branch Tee ,  Straight Cylinder Union , Bent Cylinder Union

Available as single units or individually bagged.

All our Compression Fittings are WRAS approved